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Meet the amazing people that make Printa happen!

Zita Majoros
Owner, design and management

Since I was a child I’ve been interested in visual creation and protecting the environment. After receiving my master diploma from Hungarian University of Fine Arts, printing department, I opened my first shop named “Bolt” in 2006 as a precursor to Printa which has opened in 2009.
In addition to keeping the company running and coordinating the staff I also design the products we sell. I’m most interested in how to make a product that’s unique, beautiful with the smallest ecological footprint possible.
Being eco-friendly is my goal in my personal life as well. Currently I’m trying to lead a zero waste lifestyle in my home with my family, dog and plants.

Anna Lébényi
management, design and production

I’ve been working with Printa since 2013. Sustainability, permaculture and recycling have always been important themes in my life. As an architecture graduate I’m able to use my studies in my daily work: coordinating product design and production for our two brands - Printa and Aware by Printa -, and managing our silkscreen studio. I enjoy designing and implementing new and remade craft items as it gives me opportunity to coordinate my ideas with fellow artisans and craftsmen. It’s important for me to keep a balanced, healthy team spirit, positive examples, and social sensitivity in the workplace community. I love to spend most of my free time doing water sports, hiking or doing marquetry in woodworking workshops.


Eszter Ágoston
marketing and copywriting

Small businesses are great at giving everyone a chance to dip into a variety of projects. I started here as a sales assistant after I’d left an uninspiring desk job, but after a few months I’ve found myself in the office handling our paperwork, supervising the store, managing our Facebook pages and our webshop, dealing with customer feedback and questions, ordering supplies, scouting new products, and writing long sentences about myself occasionally. I’ve learned a lot here about sustainability and design, about how you can inspire yourself and others to change for the better. My favorite thing about working here is that our meetings always involve breakfast. In my free time I like to try out new recipes, practicing graphic design, growing plants, and consuming an unhealthy amount of TV shows.

Kata Sós
Sales management B2B

From a degree in a faculty in arts, to years spent at a legal aid organization, to working as a broker company salesman, to dipping into home improvement, interior design, to finally Printa.
Here I work in sales, database construction, finding new clients, and organizing events. I have always been an obsessed environmentalist, selective waste collector, biker, bio-manic and conscious buyer. That's why the spirit of Printa is so close to me. I am pleased to be part of the exciting process of combining the importance of art, eco fashion, and environmental protection in Printa to shape the consumer society. All in a truly liberated atmosphere, with ultra-dear colleagues.

Eszti Petrovics
Sales assistant, webshop manager

I’ve graduated as an applied visual designer at the University of Fine Arts, and have previously studied textile design and had a chance to get an insider look at the clothing industry. A couple of years ago, I have been turning into design circles, with fashion and traditional art techniques being my main interests. Here at Printa - being a small company - everyone deals with millions of things at the same time, there are always new challenges, so we never get bored as a team to get more people to know us and sustainable design as a concept. Perhaps most of all, I love that in my work, I can meet a lot of enthusiastic, environmentally conscious, local-minded people from all over the world who tell us every day how good and how important it is what we represent.

Kata Oravecz
Sales assistant, styling

It would be difficult to put it briefly what I do here. I graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in textile design, and due to this, when I’m not working in our store, I assist in manufacturing as well as performing stylist tasks during photoshoots. Looking for new and newer zero waste solutions in the company and the team’s life is close to my heart in everyday life.

Dóra Ladjánszki
Printing production and graphic design

I've been working in Printa for almost four years. I graduated from college as a painter/illustrator and applied for an internship program in the company for a compulsory professional experience. I am currently working in many areas but you can find me primarily in the studio. As a studio manager, I work on implementing our designs while I also take part in the scheduling of production and finally, I am also responsible for the most effective operation of the studio. I have the opportunity to teach screen printing as a trainee mentor. This is something that’s very close to me since I’m able to help those who want to master this special technique. As Printa’s graphic designer, I help with the creation and execution of our image designs. Recently, I had my first independent exhibition in Printa. Screen printing is primarily a multiplied graphic process, but I think it provides a lot of room for experimentation and can create unique and unrepeatable artwork. I think this paradox is also inspiring in my design work due to the technique and my love of screen printing.

László Silek
Printing production

I’ve part of Printa team for nearly five years. I take part in the manufacturing process, but I’m also involved in other areas.
My favorite thing to do is screen printing, as during the design process I get the opportunity to experiment, so it gives me artistic fulfillment. Purchasing and preparing materials is also part of my job.
Interns’ training and professional supervision are an integral part of my daily work: I am happy to help them learn our processes and gain the knowledge they can use on their own.

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