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Printa is one of the first environmentally conscious brands in Hungary.

We design and create a wide range of products such as serigraphs, clothing, home accessories, souvenirs and more. We produce in limited series, working with local artists using upcycled and organic materials, and handcrafted techniques.

Printa was established in Budapest in 2009 as a concept store and gallery featuring works of various talented artists. Soon an espresso machine was added and the place had became the first specialty coffee shop in Hungary.

The selection has been constantly changing and expanding since then. Today we market our own designs almost exclusively while also promoting a zero waste and conscious lifestyle.

Our Printa’s Pest collection is perhaps best known by visitors from abroad. It draws inspiration from Budapest’s unofficial symbols and street art and combines them with eco-friendly materials and handcrafted techniques that offer a fresh alternative to mass manufactured and imported souvenirs that usually end up in the bottom of drawers. There’s a keepsake for any budget or luggage size - fridge magnets, cosmetic bags, notebooks, postcards, T-shirts and so on. The most popular items are our maps which offer a subjective guide to the landmarks of the neighborhood and the city as a whole.

Our fashion brand, Aware by Printa focuses on sustainable management of resources and alternative material usage which gives us an opportunity to work with organic and rescued materials such as vintage men's shirts, leather jackets and coats, home textiles, and more. We find old treasures of the finest quality and revive them by dyeing, retailoring, and screenprinting. As a result, our clothing pieces are all one of a kind and carry new value and use. We combine these materials with textiles produced sustainably such as organic cotton and Tencel, and occasionally use peculiar finds such as sailcloths or military blankets.

Printa Limited Edition unites the house’s talented artists with well-known and emerging designers. Our silkscreen studio produces serigraphs made by hand in limited numbers - usually 40 - which are then numbered and signed by the designers.

Our Zero Waste Showroom has opened a little over a year ago and has remained popular ever since. It centers around a consumption, pollution, and waste reducing lifestyle. Here we gathered works of local craftsmen: everyday household items such as ceramic bowls, wooden toothbrushes and canvas shopping bags that will last a long time.

Printa is more than a store where you can find cool souvenirs, handcrafted decor and unique clothes - it’s a place of original ideas and belonging. We’ve kept our espresso machine which draws in the caffeine junkies day by day, and with our prints on our walls, it’s a changing exhibition that doesn’t have an entry fee. We also organize screenprinting courses for those who want to create their own unique art, and open up our studio from time to time for those who are curious of our production processes.

You can visit us personally in our store or order from our webshop.

  • ⊕ Contact us
    • 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 10/A
    • 00 36 30 292 0329
    • info@printa.hu
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